Lumbini Province Society of South Korea has been formed

Today, on 4/21/2024, an ad hoc committee of the Lumbini Province Society of South Korea has been formed under the coordination of Himal Khanal from a gathering of personalities from Lumbini Province living in Korea in the city of Suwon, Korea. Congratulations to all the newly formed ad hoc committee and best wishes for a successful tenure
Newly constituted Ad Hoc Committee:-
1- Himal Khanal – Connector
2-Chudamani Bhandari- Co-Convenor
3- Amrit K C
4- Madan Gautam
5-Ishwar Subedi
6- Keshav Paudel
7-Yuvraj Gautam
8-Yuvraj Paudel
9-Life beat
10- Deepak Thapa Magar
11-Virendra Rahun Magar
12-Yogen re
13-Rudra Paudel
14-Jitendra K C
15- Narayan Khanal
17-Madan Thapa
18-C N Bhandari
19-Sovarna Wali
20-year stewardship
21-Bishnu Banjade

Coordinator himal saying mak peace and help each other this ours main objective in formed committee.

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