elievers Eastern Church is “Bull Orthodox” Pastor Himal Rai

It has to be said again…Believers Eastern Church is “Bull Orthodox” which has no orthodox sheep.

Honoring Mary means praying to her, addressing her as the Mother of God, and deifying her as holy, according to the Bible. Jesus Christ is the mediator of our prayers 1 Timothy 2:5, Matthew 7:7, 1 Peter 2:9, John 1:12 We can pray directly to Jesus Christ. No dead Mary or dead saints are needed for prayer. BEC is not even true Orthodox, self-proclaimed Orthodox. The history of which is only a few years old. In the beginning, the founder of BEC, Mr. KP Yohannan, was in the Pentecostal denomination and later became a Baptist pastor, then joined the mission organization OM, later started a mission organization called Gospel for Asia, in 1993 he started the Believers Church, a Pentecostal denomination, then became a Charasmatic, and then Anglican and Eastern Believers, now self-proclaimed Orthodox, now Your Excellency, tell me which official body of the Orthodox Church has recognized you? BEC’s uniforms, practices, and liturgy are incompatible with true Orthodoxy. BECs value tradition more than the living Word of God. They bow down with pictures of dead leaders. BEC is neither Roman Catholic, nor Orthodox, nor Protestant. Looking at their costumes, practices, liturgy and lifestyle, it is no different from “Jampong” in Korean, “Khichdi” in Nepali, “Mixing-Fixing” in English. Looking at their website, ” Bulls appear as “Orthodox”. BEC does not have an Orthodox herd because there is no bull herd. They are not believed by the true orthodox. The BEC applied for affiliation with the Antiochian Orthodox but they did not accept it because of the background of the BEC. As far as the true Orthodoxy in Nepal is concerned, it is the Coptic Orthodox Church in Bhaktapur with Bishop David.Ask him nicely about BEC. will become clear. The senior leaders of Nepal know a lot about the history of BEC. I also know very well about the background of most of the fathers, including the official 2 current bishops of Nepal, Hemchandra Sharma and Dhan Bahadur Tamang, and they about me. BEC talks about honoring the dead Mary before their living creator Bishop Narayan Sharma and Bishop Gopal Chhetri have been taken to what past? How those who are closest to the founder of Believers, Mr. KP Yohannan, who are worthy of trust, have been made unjust and oppressed. Is it known? As far as I know, more than 8 kathas of Birtamod land was purchased by Bichara Bishop Narayan Sharmaji with great difficulty. Now, according to what I heard there, Father Chitra Rupacha built a grand church building worth 7 crores. Wasn’t it possible to call those elders during the inauguration of the grand building? Ahem…maybe that land should still be in the name of Bishop Narayan Sharma. They have not been able to respect the living saints. It is hypocrisy to say that they respect the dead Mary. Friends, the current new leaders do not know many things about the history of BEC. I have shown the wrong practice. As a well wisher.

Stopping the funds of BEC in India means that Nepal’s BEC will lose its lot. As you know, many people left BEC in India due to the stop of funds, and a large group of BECs went to baptism in Myanmar. Many people leave BEC without stopping funds in Nepal.

Seeing this history of BEC, what is the purpose of its founders in Nepal?

Why are they silent?

More is yet to be said..with time all the truth will come out.

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