Mom- is the first trainer in my life ‼️‼️

Mom- is the first trainer in my life ‼️‼️ aWhen I was at home last night before going abroad.Mother did not sleep that night, because I chose the path of Muglan Mother’s face looked like she was robbed of happiness. Mother’s expression to do something in her own country I couldn’t follow through on some unsuccessful attempts inside the country After that, I saw no other option but to go abroad.  Throughout the night, mother reminded me of many things Save yourself first Don’t act unfairly, don’t do injustice to anyone

Don’t tolerate someone’s injustice Take care of health and body Because if it hurts, I won’t be with you  There will be no one to comfort youSo stay safe and work, son When my mother showered me with so much affection

 Mother’s words reflected the closeness of money, Earning a lot of money, sending a lot from that time It has never been said until now, you have to live, you have to work while living

Just saying,

The dress that my mother wears is dirty, the clothes that my mother wears are dirty, the house that my mother lives in is dirty, the road that my mother walks on is dirty, the society that my mother lives in is also dirty and the country that my mother lives in is also dirty, I am a mother who wants to go abroad to wash off that dirt. Was born!!

How much did mother say that night, maybe I can’t put it in a book – mother was worried about the life of lack, the revenge of the relatives, the responsibility of the family, the life she was experiencing, the life of her children!!

Another name for thought, affection and love is mother, in the words of senior cardiologist Om Murthy Anil, if there is love anywhere in this world, then it is mother, there is nothing but love in the words and expressions of the above mother!!

That I will make up for the lack of family and poverty from a foreign land

My mother has trained me not to give up on challenges and difficulties as I have decided to travel abroad.

You have given me the courage to win, to survive, I got that training of my mother that night in some school and university!!

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