What are the points to pay attention to when going for a job in South Korea

What are the points to pay attention to when going for a job in South Korea

The Nepali ambassador there has suggested that people coming to work should pay special attention to the background of the increasing number of workers dying in South Korea.

According to the Nepali ambassador to South Korea, Jyoti Pyakuryal, there are statistics that around 25 Nepalis have died in Korea in the current financial year.

This number is more than twice as compared to the previous financial year. Only seven Nepali workers lost their lives in Korea last December.

A labor expert said that both the government sending Korea for employment and the people going there should be careful.

What kind of death?

According to Ambassador Pyakuryal, as the number of Nepali workers is increasing, the number of deaths is also increasing.

According to hospital reports, the cause of most of the deaths is “unknown”.

“They eat and sleep well in the evening after work, they are found dead in the morning. Such incidents have been seen a lot,” she told BBC Jews Nepali.

She says that in Korea, ‘sleep death syndrome’ is seen not only in Nepalese but also in Korean citizens.

“Two out of the last four deaths have been attributed to the same cause,” Pyakuryal added.

Embassy officials say that some people died due to road accidents, industrial accidents and even suicide.

 It is said that the problem of alcohol consumption is also seen in Nepalese workers, but there is no study to confirm its relationship with death.’Apathetic’ to health check-up

 Officials of the embassy say that many Nepalese workers do not take the facility of free health check-up under health insurance.

“Everyone has health insurance. Health screening facility is available. But nothing happened to me. The mentality that everything is fine has a tendency not to go away,” complained Pykuryal.

The workers go from time to time to check if they have blood pressure, diabetes or not. She says that they have been saying during the labor awareness that if all those tests are done, they can be aware at the beginning.

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The Embassy has appointed a psychologist in Nepal to provide counseling on stress and mental depression issues.

Those consultants have been counseling the workers through WhatsApp, Viber.

“Besides that, we talk to doctors and experts in various fields every Sunday through the embassy’s Facebook page. We have answered the questions of the workers,” said Pykuryal.What are the tips for workers?

Officials say that while Korea is increasing the quota amid the growing attraction of Nepali workers, awareness is equally important.

According to Ambassador Pyakuryal, it will be easier for workers coming to Korea to understand the following aspects:

Come with a good knowledge of Korean as English is rarely used

It is cold in Korea for six/seven months, so you should come with an understanding of the climate

Come with knowledge of Korean labor and immigration laws, culture, and transportation system

You should come with information about Korea’s work being a bit tough and requiring a lot of hard work

The workplace is more rural than urban and requires isolation

You should come with the knowledge that only weekends are off and you have to work hard on other days

Since there are people from different cultures in the workplace, you have to be able to get along with everyone; One should come with the understanding that people of all religions/communities should be respected.

What do labor experts say?

Meena Paudel, a labor expert, says that the state’s responsibility is greater because of the agreement between the government and the government.

“It was one thing how the health examination was done in Nepal before going and what was done after arriving there,” she told BBC News Nepali.

“Another thing is to see if there are fit people from the point of view of health, physical point of view and skill point of view for the available jobs.”

Paudel points out that the embassy should take the necessary initiative if it is a matter that needs to be addressed diplomatically after studying the incidents of death in the work area.

He suggested that the workers should be aware of the important things that they should take care of before reaching the government agency.

“Mental health, physical health and then the reduction of risks within the workplace should be taken care of. The state also has a responsibility in this. The most important responsibility lies with the workers,” said Paudel, a labor expert.

Nepalese workers are increasing

South Korea is one of the attractive destination countries for Nepali workers.

In the background of more than 20,000 Nepalis going to Korea in 2023 alone, Seoul has increased the quota of workers to be taken from Nepal to the manufacturing sector this year.

According to the Department of Foreign Employment, South Korea, which previously said it would take 15,900 Nepalis to the manufacturing sector, will take 13.2 percent more workers this year.

According to the embassy, ​​the number of Nepali workers currently working in Korea is more than 55 thousand.

There are statistics that about 20,000 Nepalis went to Korea in 2023 alone.

According to the Nepali Embassy, ​​Nepal has the highest number of workers from 16 different countries that send workers there.

Pyakuryal says that the number of Nepalese workers has increased even after they have gone through the EPS system and become skilled and have good language skills. For bbcnews

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