Nepal Christianity, uncivilized by the state

  • Is the state trying to make a person who accepts Jesus Christ, that is, a person who embraces Christianity, uncivilized by the state? I request you to withdraw your circular immediately. Couldn’t protect the marginalized minority, on the contrary, get it? How will we feel the security of the government?

Under Article 26 of Article 1 of Fundamental Rights, every person who has faith in religion is guaranteed the freedom to follow, practice and protect religion according to their faith, why is the instruction against the Constitution of Nepal 2072 targeting a particular religious community?

 In violation of international law (Article 18 of UDHR 1948 and Article 18 of ICCPR), the state should immediately stop this kind of repression and discouragement of the peaceful Nepali Christian community. Nepal churches  fellowship and  Nepal Christian Society jointly issued a press release.


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