Nepali youth are being cheated by European dreams

Kathmandu Nepal

After completing his graduation, 22-year-old Pramod Rizal of Palpa Tansen Municipality did not stop at home. He made plans to go abroad 2 years ago.

After consulting with his friends, they all suggested him to go to a European country. He also heard that ‘Europe earns well’. In that circle, he met Namraj Belbase from Kathmandu through a friend.

Belbase showed the temptation to earn good money in “Croatia”. “I didn’t think anything when it was said that it would not be less than one and a half lakh per month,” he said.

As requested by Belbase, he agreed to pay 9 lakh rupees to go to Croatia. This is the matter of 13 January 079.

Initially, Belbase had said that it would be launched in 3 months. However, even after 6 months, he could not send it. He made many clothes and kept swinging them. Later, his phone stopped ringing. Then suddenly Pramod realized that he had been cheated, and while searching, he found out that Belbase had also cheated others by saying that he would send them to Croatia.Now 7 people including Pramod have filed a police complaint against Belbase. However, he is not in touch. “9 lakhs were trapped by the dream of going to Europe”, he said expressing his pain.

Harimaya (name changed) from Hetauda, ​​who was looking for a better option for foreign employment, also started preparing to go to Europe a few years ago. After his friends went to Europe, he also wanted to go there.

Through a mutual friend, he met Sanjeev Tamang, a resident of Budhanilkanth Municipality-5, Kathmandu. Tamang promised to send the European country to the Czech Republic. Sanjiv took Rs 10 lakh saying that he would get a monthly salary of Rs 120,000. After receiving the money, he became uncontactable.

Sanjeev was arrested on 06 Chait 080 after others who were cheated like Harimaya filed a complaint with the police.

Bhavani Ranamar of Gorkha was also duped while trying to go to Europe. Tilak Bahadur Sapkota of Parvat Falewas Municipality-2 had assured him that he would be sent to the European country of Poland.

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