A special request to all brothers and sisters who have come to work in Korea

A special request to all brothers and sisters who have come to work in Korea

There has been a lot of rumors about the Nepalese taking 150,000 in the name of helping Nepalis to find work. Is this true? If yes, will that amount of money be enough for you? You have been getting a salary of 2 lakhs a month and 2 lakhs is not enough and one person is desperate for work, but if you give 150000 won, you will give the address and arrange the work. What kind of culture are you learning? ? And ask for 150000 if you go to see the work and if you don’t like it then return 100000 and get 50000 one service charge  Isn’t it true that you can’t help us by giving us work without taking a little commission even if we know about the work??

Who has understood what is the status of those who have left work?? Do you have money?? Why did you leave the job?? I did not even think about the situation of his family in Nepal. Can’t you think that 150000 is enough for him to eat while staying in a shelter, if he has to go somewhere to look for work, then he doesn’t think that it will be easier if he hires a train?  You brokers have come to Korea to work and you are always a laborer and anyone has come to Korea to work, but that does not mean that one laborer takes advantage of another laborer’s weakness and takes money to make him work. Don’t lose your Nepali identity. Your family can also reach such a situation, so if you can, show your Nepaliness and look for work like a Nepali and help each other by showing your . But don’t spread such corruption.

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